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First Down - Grace Reilly

First Down - Grace Reilly

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Beyond the Play Book 1

I can't believe that out of every person I could have kissed . . . I chose McKee's new quarterback.

Football is my everything. But when I transfer to McKee University to escape the distractions that nearly cost me my future in the NFL, I'm faced with another consequence: retake the writing class I failed at my last college, or lose any chance I have at making it big. That's where fellow senior Beckett Wood - gorgeous, stubborn, and just my type - comes in. She's the key to my success in this class . . . but the price of her help is a fake relationship, and I never do things halfway.

I don't mess around with athletes, and handsome, self-assured James Callahan is no exception. He wants me to help him pass the writing class we're both stuck taking, but I'm too busy to take on yet another responsibility. But when his teammate - my cheating ex - won't leave me alone, I realize I need to convince him I've moved on . . . and what better way than by pretending to be with James, who wants nothing to do with a 
real relationship?

But with every fake kiss, why does James pull me deeper into a place that thrills me?

And why don't I want it to end?

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